We can produce Basic Grade Ammonium Perrhenate (69.4%) with purity of Catalyst Grade according to MMTA tests and specification.

Our company main product is Basic Grade Ammonium Perrhenate with the quality of Catalyst Grade.
'Basic grade' implies production from recycled Re containing materials, and that is why we can put Catalyst grade markings.
We can recycle such material as:

- WRe, MoRe, W/Mo/Re type alloys containing not less than 1% of Rhenium
- Ni based super alloys containing not less than 1% of Rhenium
- Metal Rhenium, Ammonium Perrhenate or other Rhenium containing materials
Our company is constantly working on better yield, quality of APR and time of process.
We have doubled our capacity in 2009 year and in 10 year time we have researched many new recycling possibilities.
This led to better yield, faster production and better quality.
At the moment Toma Group is in constant research for ways of recycling new materials.
At the moment Toma Group offers:

- Our service in recycling your material containing Rhenium
- "Ready to ship" Basic Grade Ammonium Perrhenate (Catalyst grade purity) for sale
Toma Group is in search of new clients and stable partners.
We would be pleased to offer test quantity of 5-50 kg of our Ammonium Perrhenate to ensure you our quality.

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