At present moment productivity amount of Toma Group factory is up to 130 kg of Rhenium in APR (69,4%) or up to 3000 kg of raw material per month.
We produce Basic Grade Ammonium Perrhenate on orders from the customers’ materials, i.e. we receive materials containing Rhenium then extract this Rhenium in the form of Ammonium Perrhenate and forward the material to the customer.
Also we can attract you attention to the fact that as a result of the recycle process we do not only receive the Ammonium Perrhenate, but oxides of Tungsten, Mo or other in the amount depending on the received scrap materials. E.g. the oxides will amount to 1 ton if 1 ton of alloys of Wre containing 6% of Rhenium was received.
If required our company can return the oxides to the customer, but it will influence our price for the recycling and shipping.
Our standard packing is a cellophane bag + a plastic bucket + a packet coating (film). As a total it is usually equal to 5.0 Kg NETTO. All packing matches MMTA standards and we also use carton boxes accommodating 20 Kg of the delivered materials NETTO. Our shipment is always insured by stable insurance company and shipping is done by well known transport partner.

We recycle such material as:

- WRe, MoRe, W/Mo/Re type alloys
  containing not less than 1% of Re

- Ni based super alloys
  containing not less than 1% of Re

- Metal Rhenium,
- Ammonium Perrhenate
- Other Rhenium containing materials
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