Our company TOMA GROUP is engaged in recycling of metal alloys containing Rhenium (Re) and manufacturing Rhenium products.
We can recycle such materials as: WRe, MoRe, W/Mo/Re, Ni based super-alloys, metal Rhenium, Ammonium Perrhenate and other Rhenium containing materials. 
We can produce Basic Grade Ammonium Perrhenate (69.4%) with purity of Catalyst Grade according to MMTA tests and specification.

1999 - Development of recycling technology for alloys containing Rhenium.

2000 - Installation and testing of equipment.

2001 - Development and installation of automated control of process using computer technology.

2002-2003 - Expansion of automated control program. Development of new types of processing
to increase the yield of rhenium.
2005-2006 - Development of Ni based super alloys recycling process.
2008 - Moving the chemical equipment on main factory area, new filtering system, which led to higher yield of Rhenium and better quality of APR.
2009 - Construction of second process line,
which led to increase of recycling amount by 100 %.

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Minor Metals Trade Association certificate of membership.
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