About Us

Toma Group - small, yet very ambitious

Toma Group is Minor and Precious metals private owned recycling company based in Estonia. We are members of Minor Metal Trade Association (UK) since 1999, we follow ISO-9001 standard and EU regulations on waste recycling in our management and process. Our main goal is to provide world companies with effective refining solutions to provide economical and ecological benefits. By refining valuable metals from scrap we support client needs and save our planet from pollution.

We started our business in 1999 as Rhenium recycling company and during that time we successfully applied numerous of know how technologies, combining pyre- and hydrometallurgy, as well as chemical and electrochemical solutions in our process. We have full on site technology to extract

  • Rhenium from such alloys as W-Re, Mo-Re, W-Mo-Re, Rhenium scrap,
  • Purification of Ammonium Perrhenate
  • Silver from parts with silver coating in telecom equipment, such as 3G mobile station
  • Silver from all sorts of jewellery scrap and high content silver scrap
  • Gold from parts with coating and with high gold content

Rhenium scrap by-product is dry form of oxide (Mo and W separately) in form of dry powder. Silver by-product is usually aluminium blocks with 100% same aluminium content and same form as scrap before processing.

For over 18 years we provide toll processing service, when clients send their scrap to our site and receive pure metal as result. From Rhenium containing alloys clients receive high purity Ammonium Perrhenate (Catalyst Grade purity) and from silver containing scrap - fine silver granules .999 ready for all sort of production or jewellery manufacturing. Additionally we refine gold from low to high content scrap with gold in form of molten bars.

Our clients are Manufacturing companies, traders and small private owned shops and jewelleries from EU, USA and other countries from all over the world.

We are always open for new cooperation, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: info AT toma-group.com

Together we achieve economic and ecological benefits which support long lasting successful business!

Our main refining services:


Rhenium refining from Tungsten- and/or Molybdenum special alloys

We have more then 18y. experience in recycling W-Re, Mo-Re, W-Mo-Re alloys in all physical forms


Ammonium Perrhenate or pure Rhenium scrap refining to higher class of purity

Our standard material quality is at least Catalyst grade and in case of inquiry we can provice higher class or purity


Silver refining from coatings (parts, which are mainly used in telecom: AlAg, CuAg, etc)

From 2017 we provide silver refining service to our clients, who have need in recycling their by product in scrap recycling business.

Rhenium refining for availability of new technology

One of the rarest!

Rhenium is one of the rarest elements in Earth's crust with an average concentration of 1 ppb;other sources quote the number of 0.5 ppb making it the 77th most abundant element in Earth's crust. (c) Wikipedia  Our goal is to achieve most effective processing methods, to lower the loss of this rare element. By doing so, we are supporting not only our partners, we provide confidence in future and in Rhenium availability.

From small furnace to multi-technological process.

Toma was born in 1999 as small innovative company. It was response to need of better Rhenium refining technology on market. From first days of development, Toma researched, developed and mastered different refining ways: from pyrometallurgy and chemistry, to powder metallurgy and electrochemistry. All of this evolution steps help us in applying most effective solutions to rare metals recycling.



We have numerous of know how technologies, combining pyre- and hydrometallurgy, as well as chemical and electrochemical solutions in our process.
For Rhenium recycling we apply pyrometallurgical process to extract Rhenium from alloys as W-Re, Mo-Re, W-Mo-Re and for Ammonium Perrhenate manufacturing we apply chemical process which involves dissolving, filtering, neutralisation, crystallisation and drying.


Rhenium recycling final main product is Ammonium Perrhenate 69.4% Rhenium with purity of Catalyst Grade according to MMTA specification. Final product is packed in 5kgs bags, plastic drums and then into carton boxes.
Silver processing is done in hydrometallurgical processing reactors. This process ends with dry fine silver powder, which we melt in high frequency induction furnaces into silver bars and clean additionally during melting. As final step, we produce fine silver shots in our granulation equipment. Silver shots with Ag content at least 99.9% are packed into 4kgs plastic bags, small plastic drums and into big drum each 24 kgs.
Gold refining technology includes hydrometallurgy, electrochemical process and melting in induction furnaces.