What is TOLL PROCESSING / refining service

For many years Toma Group focused on high quality service offered to clients and partners. Main part of Toma Group business is toll processing in Rhenium refining. As Rhenium had it's ups and downs, scrap had different value and Toma offered confident service. In scrap business mutual trust is very important, especially when working on global market in different countries with high valued goods. For nearly 20 years Toma Group offers trustful toll processing, meaning clients send their material for refining to Toma and until Toma performs all actions needed, material which belongs to client stays at Toma facility. During preparation for real processing, both parties settle terms, logistics, analysis and testing, requirements for final product and yield/timing/price question. In case something goes wrong (and sometimes scrap which arrived to Toma could act differently from agreement) - Toma stops processing material, provides information to client and possible solutions. Each and every time Toma and partners achieved agreement and cooperation became more successful with each next toll processing order. TOLL PROCESSING - is mutual trust and investment. Material owner buys/owns expensive scrap and invests additional time in waiting for result, Toma Group invests own knowledge, skills and real recourses during processing. As result, client can receive back only final product or also all by-products. All this influences the price of processing.

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